The Science of Music


We are living in an era where the influence of technology has taught us too many things, even kids nowadays are learning things too fast because of its impact. But then, in so many years, there are several new inventions made up from the power of technology such as social media news site and virtual reality.

The question is: Why people still prefer to listen to music when technology has offered us newly improved activities that can be done both offline and online?


The Answers

  1.    Music Helps People To Focus

Whenever an individual wants to focus either on studying or working, they prefer to listen to calming songs like the following:

  •    Sounds of the waving ocean
  •    Birds Chirping
  •    Instrumental songs
  •    Sound of the water dripping

These types of sound help our brain to entirely focus on one thing, it erases our worries for a short period of time.

  1.    They Can Relate Themselves To The Lyrics

Believe it or not, different races, countries, and beliefs in life, there is one thing in common to every one of us; we love to listen to music when we feel sad, depressed or heartbroken. People chose to listen to music because they believe at some point, it’s the fastest way to ease the pain they feel, they feel each and every line of the lyrics really belong to them.

  1.    Music Synchronizes Our Brains

The music psychologist at the University of Connecticut, Mr. Ed Large, he once said that the musical rhythms can really affect our mood depends on the type of music we listen. It is our brain rhythms, the responsible one for how you simultaneously feel while listening to the current genre of the song. If you are listening to a sentimental song, you will tend to remember the memories it brought you, that is why some of the athletics and people who always visit the gym would like to play a hyper or party music, this is to entertain themselves as well as their brain.

  1.    Music Is The Only Companion You Have When Traveling Alone

Can you imagine how people who are traveling alone can get by, even when they are alone? Music can help you to get rid of unwanted noise and everything becomes picturesque at your sight.

  1.    It Connects Us To The Right People

Music serves as an interconnection between you and strangers around you. When you happened to know one of your colleagues loves the same genre of music just like you, it helps you to get to know more of the people you actually do not know in the first place, and it lets you have more friends more than you can imagine.

That is why until now, people prefer to listen to music even though technology has given us so many things to enjoy. Music is inevitable, no matter what you do and wherever you are, it attracts everyone of us. No matter what generation we are, it always has something to make us enjoy.