Our Core Beliefs and The Progression of Music

Music Progression

Music is food for the soul and the more you consume it, the more it shapes your view of life and thinking. Events, histories, and life happenings are captured through song hence the need to safeguard these treasures from deterioration and eventual disappearance. Music recording has come a long way from the days of phonographs up until today when we enjoy live streaming through the cloud.

The foundational technologies of music recording have been focused on among other things the quality of the sound, the quantity of the music stored as well as the listening experience. Thanks to technology, we can now access tracks that were composed and played in the 19th century and early 20th century.

Music is our heritage and the more we take care of how it is stored, we can successfully pass it over to the next generation who in turn will do their bit and pass it over to the subsequent generation. We have a responsibility at every stage to see to it that the progression of music is not hampered by our selfish ambitions or interests. Both the artist and the audience must share in the same zeal and passion of seeing to it that music improves in quality.

Looking at the trend from the earlier times through the cassette, CD, MP3, and digital phases to where we are today, we can only but appreciate the selflessness, sacrifice and creativity of those who pioneered the different technologies. Music has a future beyond online streaming and we can build on its past to help us springboard into decades to come.